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“Through Knowledge I found My Peace after September 11, 2001. Memoirs of an Army wife”

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Mi madre hace dos años publicó un libro titulado “Through Knowledge I found My Peace after September 11, 2001. Memoirs of an Army wife”. El libro paso por muchas revisiones hasta que al fín pudo ser publicado en su formato corriente. El libro es basado en la vida de mi madre, hasta casi podrías considerarlo un autobiografía. Lo siguiente es un avance de el libro. Si están interesados en leer el libro completa se encuentra el ebook en los siguiente enlaces:





I cannot forget the last day before he left for Iraq. He met with all the soldiers outside, with their families and equipment. The units arranged some refreshments. That day, the family members of servicemen were gathered to see them leave for Iraq. Nobody knew that the war would begin with that first wave of soldiers that left.

I remember seeing a young couple. The husband was around the same age as my son, eighteen. Just like my son, he too was married, but the couple already had a baby.

I remember that I took a picture of him with his wife and how I felt sad at that time.  I asked him: “Why would a young person like you be sent to Iraq? Why would young people join the army instead of attending college?”

I sobbed when I saw the soldiers leave, but more…

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Autor: UnBoricuaenQ8

I am a Chef/Restauranteur currently operating Caribbean Hut Restaurant in Kuwait. It is the first and only Puerto Rican restaurant currently in the Middle East. It is my ambition to bring Puerto Rican Cuisine to an international level. As I am a Conservative Muslim and have certain restriction when it comes to cooking I feel that this has helped me mold traditional Puerto Rican recipes into Halal meals that can be enjoyed by everyone, Muslim and Non Muslim.


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