Un Boricua En Kuwait

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Thank You Shaikh Sabah Al Ahmad

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       Normally I only write in the Spanish language but this time I decided to translate my previous post as I believe it should be read by many.

       First of all, I would like to clarify that I write from the point of view of someone who has lived in Puerto Rico , the United States of America and Germany. That means that whatever comparison I make will be with those countries. So if you are reading this article, it is not necessary that you relate to the experiences written on it .
       I came to this beautiful country more than five and a half years ago ( in September will be six years) and for me it was love at first sight . At the airport the people were so nice to me and I think for the first time in my life I was treated like a human being. In the U.S. when traveling was always afraid I would be harassed for being Muslim since my mother has always been harassed when she travels there. Even in Egypt I had been harassed because I have a beard, but here they were hospitable. After I started to know the country and its people better, I fell in love more and more. Sure, no country is perfect. People do not know how to drive, some believe they are the Kings of the World, and many do not value what they have. But that could never stop me from loving this beautiful country and its people.
       The first time I became sick here in Kuwait my friend took me to the clinic, at the time my father was in the U.S. on vacation. I was put on the oxygen machine for treatment, my blood was taken and they even gave me medicine for just a total of 2 KD . I could not believe it was so cheap . The service was better than the States because here I was treated with respect. When asked why it was so cheap they explained that the Government of Kuwait subsidises medical services . At that time I still did not have residence in Kuwait and could not believe that being “Tourist ” I could still benefit from medical services for almost free. In the U.S. if you do not have a medical plan then your screwed if you have a medical emergency. Between visits to the emergency room, tests and blood work, seeing the doctor and medicine, everything will go over $ 2,000.00 and thats is in a public hospital. You can also forget about being treated like a human.
       The interesting thing about all this is that we are not charged taxes. I always hear people complaining about Kuwait but here they live basically free. The government does not take away a dime but gives much . Petrol is also subsidised , imagine how much petrol would be if the government did not subsidise . We come to this country for many different reasons , some for money, others for religion and even some love. But we do not appreciate what we have here . In this, we are like many Kuwaitis in this country who are ungrateful for what this government provides . Why don’t we talk about crime in Kuwait? How many of us fear for our lives when we leave our homes? ( I Do not mean the crazy animals that drive on the roads ) Here you do not often hear about killings, robberies, or kidnappings of children and adults. I’m not saying that these things do not happen, but that it is so rare for them to happen. In the U.S. and Puerto Rico, not a day goes by that there is no killing , robbery or kidnapping . To live there is to live in fear and without security.
       That said , there are things I’d like to see change but I will not complain. I did not come to this country to change its society or government. My reasons were religious. I find it rather sad when Kuwaitis look to other countries and want to be like them, bringing about the destruction of their own country without them knowing . Unfortunately, current generation of Kuwaiti youth is much like the “generation X” of the US. The problem has to do that many young Kuwaitis mistakenly think that to be Modern means to be ” Liberal “. If you look at the Unite Arab Emirate you will find that although they are very modern they have not lost their customs and culture .
       As for me, I am very sincere when I say that I appreciate the Emir of Kuwait Shaikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah ( May Allah Protect him ) for letting us who are not citizens Kuwaiti live in this country without being imposed taxes and charge us in full for the use of petrol. I also thank him for not charging exorbitant prices for the use of medical services. He and his family are those who defend us when some corrupt politicians want to charge us taxes and raise the price of utilities and petrol against. He could be a tyrant but instead he has been an unthanked benefactor. May Allah ta Ala grant him long life and prosperity.


Autor: UnBoricuaenQ8

I am a Chef/Restauranteur currently operating Caribbean Hut Restaurant in Kuwait. It is the first and only Puerto Rican restaurant currently in the Middle East. It is my ambition to bring Puerto Rican Cuisine to an international level. As I am a Conservative Muslim and have certain restriction when it comes to cooking I feel that this has helped me mold traditional Puerto Rican recipes into Halal meals that can be enjoyed by everyone, Muslim and Non Muslim.


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